About Core Student Ministries

Our Vision

We want to be a community that is alive and growing together, celebrating and sharing life together, and challenging each other to love Christ more in every aspect of our lives. We want Christ to be at the center of it all, and we want others to see that Christ is the driving force of our ministry. You see, all these games we play, the small groups we go to, the songs we sing, the talks we listen to - we want them all to be fostering a sense of community within each of us, making each one of us feel like we are an integral part of this community, and we want it all to come back to Christ.

Our CORE Values in respect to this vision are:

  • Equipping Leaders
  • Discipling Students
  • Worshipping God
  • Sharing Life
  • Celebrating Together

We believe that these above values will enable us to grow as a community, not just in numbers but depth as well, and it will help each of us love Christ more and make Him known in the community around us.